DΩ (2023)

Stage design & light operation
Mallegatpark, Rotterdam

DΩ is a cross-sensory electronic music events held in a former gas factory. The dome-shaped location hosted its first edition in 2023 in collaboration with the Kantarion Soundsystem and organized by Nikos, Onno and Constanza.

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image credits: Ira Grünberger, Ivan Cuic, La Serpiente
Merging live and DJ sets, the event brings a fluid stage with mobile scaffolding booths. The light concept integrated the curvature of the dome with custom LED fixtures and big-scale laser projections in unusual surfaces.
The letter Ohm (Ω) is the last in the greek alphabet and is also represented as a symbol of resistance present in an electrical current.

As a way to address political underpinnings in rave culture, the laser projections conveyed messages of resistance and support to the ongoing genocide in Palestine.

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