Por Favor Volte Mais Tarde (2016)

short, 5’20’’

Por Favor Volte Mais Tarde (Please Come Back Later) is a short-length movie about a relationship between two people and the space they live in. It is the second in the 3106 (copan) series, which explores loss, spontaneity and the complete symbiosis with its site.

The short is a minor study on ways to expand cinema using videomapping and interactive projections in a scripted story. The script and storyboard were written in the last few days I had in my apartment in São Paulo, which was greatly repurposed for the movie scenary and throughout all the 3106 (copan) series.

In the short, I used my custom controller to interact with a Processing sketch that painted my door, emphasizing the protagonist’s mood swing.

The soundtrack is composed and made by me in Nanoloop, a Gameboy chiptune emulator.

I appreciate the help of my friends Helena – which greatly supported and helped me direct, photograph and act – and Ilê – who came up with the technique used to slide the camera in the first scene and also took a part in the short.