SLICE (2021)


Shot in the Zandmotor - a 10-year research experiment into how nature can shape the coast of Delfland -, SLICE is a sketch describing how this human made totem, despite being a collaborative effort human-nature, has agency over the space. The metal structure sitting at the heart of the site yields several surveillance cameras and depicts, albeit good intentioned, men’s obsession with controlling, observing and shaping the surroundings. The name of the project is a reference to Joanna Zylinska’s book, Nonhuman Photography, and the idea that vision (human or nonhuman) is an active mode of perception, laying hard edges onto objects in order to decode reality. Moreover, the massive structure is a rupture in the area’s flow of air currents, to the point that it resonates to such high amplitudes in windy days that it can be captured by means of field recording, which fills in the whole audio track of SLICE.

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