Traumburg Festival (2020-23)

Stage design & light operation (since 2022), VJ (2020-2021)
Dornburg Schloss, Dornburg an der Elbe (DE)

Traumburg is a Do-It-With-Others Music and arts festival taking place every summer at a barroque castle. Started in 2020 as a collaborative party where all participants shared the party costs equally, the festival grew from 75 participants to around 500 expected in 2024.
Press: Minimal Collective
Traumburg website & instagram
Since its first edition, I have been involved in shaping the basement stage, in collaboration with the Kantarion soundsystem. The small cellar space opens during the two nights of the festival, focused on sound performances, live sets and DJ sets.
Stage design by year:
2020: analog video synthesizers, surveillance camera, beamer.
2021: CRT TV stack, video synthesizers and strobe, in collaboration with Philip Cosquino.
2022: Custom addressable LED bars and steel wires.
Traumburg @ Lübeck: Custom addressable LED bars, metal sheets in collaboration with Fanni Hegyi and Zalán Szakács
2023: Ceiling-mounted CRT TV, surveillance cameras, custom addressable LED bars, steel wires, street lamps, analog dimmer.

Further documentation

2023 Edition. Credits: Andrea Lombardi, Johannes Gaertner
2022 Edition. Credits: Louis Jaccoud

2021 Edition. Credits: Enzo Rhino

2020 Edition. Credits: Daniel Naumilkat, Pablo Levin

Lübeck Edition. Credits: Fanni Hegyi