URB (2019)

video-documentary, 25’43’’
URB is a documentary synthesizing a week of workshops with guest lecturer Esther Polak, which took place in the city of The Hague. In these documentations, the city is explored as a space produced by its mobilities, and its different categories. Linking these concepts with Judith Butler ideas on performativity, we were invited to closely observe and study the URB, producing a lexicon - with new concepts, used throughout the film, such as “move-entity” (a pedestrian, a biker, a car) and “buildingness” (when a move-entity blocks mobility, acting as a building) and a series of quick experiments on streets and parks of the city center. The film was shot with a hi-8 camera and is composed of fast cuts and drifting planes through objects and move-entities, playing with the performativity of the city itself while also grasping onto the students’ conclusions during the workshop week.

Further Documentation