Luca Tornato (b. 1997 in São Paulo, BR) currently holds a bachelor’s degree from the ArtScience Interfaculty at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague (NL). With a background in electrical engineering, and heavily influenced by expanded cinema and early computer graphics, he hoards old analog video equipment giving them a second and final chance to create videoart, performances, and installations.

Every piece of technological device secretly encloses a history of decisions, usually made up by dominant ideologies at the time of their design. By dissecting them, one can gain an understanding of how these devices shape their medium of operation, thus revealing their non-human agency. At the moment, Luca is working with the themes of surveillance cinema, algorithmic editing, non-human photography, media archeology and new materialism. Finally, a current interest is engaging with ephemeral guerilla acts,such as quick public projections as an insurgence weapon and call to action against the rise of far-right agendas. As a performer, Luca explores the possibilities that unravel when old and new imaging devices establisha dialogue, within the context of live-improvisation ensembles. Every act starts with unpatched  cables and raw video samples, building up to synaesthetic experiences and live cinema editing.

Luca has exhibited his works and performed in festivals and venues such as Awakenings(NL); Traumburg (DE); LAAK Club (NL); BUDA_BXL(BE); Kiosk Radio (BE); Aalborg Surreal (DK); Konvooi Festival (BE); Fu:bar Glitch Art (HR); Oma Taidetalo AV Festival (FI); The Grey Space in the Middle (NL); ReWire (NL); InTake (NL); Amsterdam Dance Event (NL); Studio Loos (NL); PAARD (NL); NYEEC Public Access TV (US); Alex TV (DE); Screen, You Screen (online); Art in Quarantine (online).

For commissions and collaborations, contact him at lucatorsera at gmail dot com.
His full CV can be accessed here.