channel03 (2021)

video-art, 3’38’’
Channel 03 was born as part of Exquisite Futures, an international, remote collaboration: 9 artists 20 days 1 film, imagening artistic
life in the future in a chain reaction of creation. Conceptually constructed productional experiment, inspired by the global lockdown.
Collective predictions of post-apocalyptic timelines, visualised by a selection of international artists through nine 48 hour-marathon
productions intertwined in a domino-effect.

In this sense, Channel 03 was my contribution to the project, a short narrative in post-corona times. Mixing analog and digital processes
such as video signal corruption, audio-reactivity and AR, the film speculates a future in which all media disappeared, together
with collective memory, thus leaving our main character in an eternal search for visual evidence and connection with the past.

As part of Exquisite Futures, channel03 was screened at Oma Taidetalo AV Festival (FI), Open Access Alex TV (DE) and Quantum Oddity Gallery (DE)

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