chaoScope (2019)

analog oscilloscope, crt tv, generative algorythms, video-art

“Chaoscope” is an installation artpiece and a study within the field of chaotic systems and what they represent. A chaotic system is a dynamic system in which, in opposition to non-chaotic systems, are highly sensitive to initial conditions. A slight difference on the starting values of a chaotic system would, therefore, make a huge disturbance on the outcome of the said system. The butterfly effect might be the most known illustration of a chaotic system, but in fact, chaos is indeed all around us: atmospheric winds, the movement of a double pendulum, an economic bubble, and even a Tilt-a-Whirl, to name a few.Some chaotic systems, called Strange Attractors, have a fractal and aesthetic presentation. The artpiece thrives to make explicit the relationship of what is real, felt and seen to what is deterministic and mathematical. This occurs via two mediums: a short film - looped with a Raspberry Pi 0 on a CRT TV - and an oscilloscope. The film is an artistic depiction of chaos captured on camera. The oscilloscope (a device used to measure and plot the waveform of electronic signals) displays examples of chaotic systems with slight variations of its initial conditions, using Ted Davis’ amazing Processing Library XYscope on a Raspberry Pi.