where do you end and I begin? (2022)

cctv cameras, crt tv, neural network, algorythmically controlled matrix switcher

Four cameras, arranged in a cross, monitor each  other. A rotating mirror placed at the intersection of the cameras’ gaze forges the possibility of each  camera in the system to observe itself and the others. The live feed of the cameras is multiplexed and patched into a neural network that performs object recognition on cameras. The result is seen on  a monitor. In that sense, these non-human agents are given the chance to distinguish themselves from the background.

As an allusion to Lacan, the cameras are experiencing  the mirror stage, learning to differentiate themselves on a set of digital bits and project their  identity. These images are made by cameras and for cameras, constantly proving their existence and  simultaneously doubting it. Like what we’ve done to some animals, they are passing the mirror test.

Amidst various datasets and trained  computer vision models available online - pens, dogs, cats, mushrooms, birds, cars, bikes, houses, food, humans,  faces, eyes, etc - none of them were trained on surveillance cameras.  This work subverts the algorythmic tipification of image data, in an act of sousveillance. Where do you end and Ibegin? is an exploration of data rights, privacy and where do they end.

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